About EmergeX

"Our goal is to assist governments and businesses to prepare for any emergency."

--Tully Waisman, President and CEO of EmergeX

Founded in 1992, EmergeX Planning Inc. (EmergeX) is a leading risk and emergency management company, offering its expertise to clients worldwide. We offer a wide range of services, products, and training to clients across many industries and disciplines. In addition to the products, services and training listed on our website, we can develop customized services and training courses based on our clients’ unique needs and requirements.


  • -Risk and Emergency Management
  • -Training – operations, communications, public information, media liaison
  • -Analysis – Hazard Risk and Vulnerability Assessments (HRVA) and Critical Infrastructure (CI) Assessments
  • -Response - Managing Incident Command Posts and Emergency Operation Centres
  • -Designing and facilitating tabletop exercises
  • -Emergency Management Program audits
  • -Regulatory Compliance Auditing
  • -Due Diligence and Bill-C45 training for senior managers
  • -Business Continuity and Recovery Planning
  • -Communications – planning, issue management

EmergeX is an active member of the Canadian Spill Response Organization (CSRO). For more information on CSRO, visit: http://canadianspillresponse.ca/




"I am very pleased to say that the Regional District of Nanaimo got its money's worth - a very good investment and expenditure of provincial grant monies."

Jani Thomas, Protective Services Emergency Coordinator, Regional District of Nanaimo